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At Syntrain International Academy, we pride ourselves on our innovative “tell, show, do” teaching methodology. Our fully digital courses allow you to learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home. Prefer an in-person experience?

We offer traditional classroom-style courses as well.

Our belief that practice makes perfect is woven into our curriculum, with all courses featuring hands-on elements to help you translate theory into practical skills. Each course is paired with a dedicated mentor boasting over 100 years of combined experience, ensuring you receive top-notch guidance and expertise.

Join Syntrain International Academy and enhance your learning experience with our comprehensive, flexible, and mentor-supported courses.

SynTrain International Academy

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SynTrain’s Partners: A Synergy of Excellence

Straumann’s precision meets Invisalign’s invisibility. EduQual’s rigor guides 3Shape’s digital revolution. ADI’s expertise merges with IACSD’s global reach. Together, they fuel Syntrain’s mission: empowering dental professionals, one partnership at a time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

SynTrain Academy will provide the patients for the 3x implant placements under direct mentorship. This will be organised at one of our mentorship locations.

Learners have a maximum of 12 months to complete the course. You can complete this sooner, providing that you complete successfully: all feedback forms, modules and end of unit assessments.

We offer delegates the option to purchase the comprehensive course through our Finance Company, Tabeo. We offer 12 months interest free at 0.0%, so £4500 for our Comprehensive Digital and Hands On Mentorship Course would work out at £375 per month for 12 monthsPlease note, that you will not be able to access the online modules until we have received the funds from the finance company. If this is something that interests you, then please email  [email protected]  for further details.

Yes, Diploma in Restorative & Dental Implantology (Level7).

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