Refund Policy

SynTrain International Academy

Welcome to SynTrain International Academy. We understand that plans can change, and we have developed the following refunds policy to accommodate the needs of our students while maintaining a fair and practical approach to course cancellations and refunds.

  1. General Refund Conditions
    • Requests for refunds must be submitted in writing to [academy’s refund email/contact form].
    • Refunds are processed using the original method of payment.
  2. Refunds for Hands-On Courses
    • Cancellation Notice: To be eligible for a refund, students must notify us of their intention to cancel at least [number of days, e.g., 14] days before the course start date.
    • Refund Amount: Cancellations made before the specified notice period will receive a full refund minus a [specific amount or percentage] administrative fee.
    • Late Cancellations: If cancellation occurs within [number of days, e.g., 14] days of the course start date, we will offer a [specific percentage] refund or the option to transfer enrollment to a future course.
  3. Refunds for Digital Courses
    • Cooling-Off Period: We offer a [number of days, e.g., 7]-day cooling-off period from the date of purchase during which a full refund can be requested.
    • Access to Course Materials: Once access to digital course materials has been granted, refunds cannot be issued unless technical issues prevent course access, which cannot be resolved by SynTrain International Academy.
  4. Non-Refundable Circumstances
    • No refunds will be given for non-attendance or partial attendance of a course.
    • Special circumstances (e.g., medical issues) may be considered for refunds outside these terms at the discretion of SynTrain International Academy.
  5. Transferring Enrollment
    • Students may transfer their enrollment to a different course or future session, subject to availability. Transfer requests must be made in writing at least [number of days, e.g., 7] days before the original course start date.
  6. Course Cancellations by SynTrain International Academy
    • If a course is canceled by the academy, students are entitled to a full refund or can transfer to another course without any additional fee.
  7. Processing Time
    • Refunds are processed within [specific time frame, e.g., 30] days of receiving the refund request.
  8. Contact Information
    • For any queries regarding our refunds policy, please contact [contact details].

This policy is subject to change at the discretion of SynTrain International Academy. We recommend reviewing the policy periodically.

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